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  • AUS 1011


    Bashford boat, very well maintained by present owner, with many recent upgrades:

    - all new lines & control lines
    - front ring frame fitted
    - transverse (Doggy) jib tracks
    - new main traveller
    - recent Whalespar rig/ mast, boom & spinnaker pole
    - electric bilge pump
    - mast ram
    - North sails with latest GT & MAL jibs
    - boat cover

    Boat performs well & has won many races including the Overall Season Aggregate - The Wayne Dixon Trophy.

    Ian Crisp
    (m) 0424 051 199
    Email Ian

    Listed/updated: 25 Sep 2023

  • AUS 1129 “Swordsman”


    Strong club racing record in Pittwater. Has been kept in a boat bag for 6 months (hardstand prior).

    Included: New boat bag. Near new mast and rigging. Swing spreaders. New electric bilge pump. New battery for electric bilge pump. Internal Bow ring. New bow towing ring. Above deck forestay. New Jib cars and traveller and blocks. Spinnaker box. Full boat cover. Lifting strops plus regulation lifting shackles. New halyards. New sheets. Main sail. 2x Headsails. 2x Spinnakers. 2x paddles. Tow rope. Anchor and associated anchor rope and chain. Several spare ropes etc. 3x life jackets.

    Justin Braitling
    (m) 0400 999 910

    Listed/updated: 15 Sep 2023

  • AUS 1026 Flirtation


    Well presented Bashford Hull, has been very well maintained. Fitted with mast ram, ring frame, duel bumps along with electric bump. Safety equipment.

    Boat is on a duel axle trailer, fitted with 2 sail box’s and one extra storage box, new spare tyre and 12 months rego.

    Boat is located in Sydney.

    Matt Crawford
    (m) 0487 407 649
    Email Matt

    Listed/updated: 13 Sep 2023

  • AUS 945


    Original Bashford built for Dennis Conner, AKA Black Snake. Whale Spar mast, several sets of North sails, electric bilge Pump, mast ramp and inboard sheeting setup hull in excellent condition but the foredeck has a delamination over the main bulkhead and will require repair to race regattas, but if you know your boats you know its quick.

    Sydney Fleet
    Email Sydney Fleet

    Listed/updated: 11 Sep 2023

  • AUS 1401


    Complete updated boat with Whale Spar Mast, several sets of North sails, electric bilge pump, mast ram and inboard sheeting setup. This is a unmodified M11 hull.

    Sydney Fleet
    Email Sydney Fleet

    Listed/updated: 11 Sep 2023

  • AUS 1245


    Pacesetter 2002. New Whalespar boom. New halyards, sheets, braces (Sydney Rigging). North Regatta sails PC Main, MAL & GT jibs, FR Spin. (21/22). Heaps of club sails. Mast ram. Electric bilge pump. Regatta and boat cover. TackTick compass. All regulation gear. Yard Trolley. (Lying Metung).

    Steve Bull
    (m) 0418 149 050
    Email Steve

    Listed/updated: 28 Aug 2023

  • AUS 1374 "St John's Dance"

    $32,000 negotiable

    The 2007 Ontario has been kept in excellent racing condition and updated with a jib in-hauler system. AUS 1374 will be a great option for participating in the next Etchells Words 2024 in Fremantle, Western Australia. The boat has plenty of sails in good/reasonable condition (mainly North), new halyards and sheets, electric bilge pump, and it is located at the RFBYC in Perth WA on a jinker.

    Massimo Valentini
    (m) 0407 055 105
    Email Massimo

    Listed/updated: 7 Aug 2023

  • AUS 1088 "Sun Tzu"


    Extremely well presented and high performance Etchells. Fully maintained with all the upgrades and advancements. Ready to race competitively. 3 full sets of near new regatta racing sails, (6 x headsails, 3 x Mains, 6 x Spinnakers). Fully Cat 7 equipped. Bow frame and stiff throughout. Electric pumps. Fully worked mast, rigging,(Brolgas) and all new halyards. Spare tiller and extension. Glam full boat cover.

    Registered-Dual axle, recently fully upgraded trailer, electric brakes, LED lights etc, beautiful condition & 2 x spare tyres attached. 2 x sail-boxes attached, one on either side, and 2 x boxes at front of the trailer. There's so much more.

    Peter Bellingham
    (m) 0427 161 138
    Email Peter

    Listed/updated: 2 Aug 2023

  • AUS 1360


    Heaps of Sails. Tic TAC. High volume electric bilge pump. Ram fitted. In board tracks fitted.

    Located - Metung Yacht Club

    Jeff Rose
    (m) 0498 982 316
    Email Jeff

    Listed/updated: 18 Jun 2023

  • AUS 1013 “Happy Hour”


    Late model Bashford Bullet, new Whale Spars mast, new Norths VMG spinnaker, mast ram, electric bilge pump, good boat, good condition, be great to see her out racing, make an offer.

    On the Etchells hard stand at RQYS.

    Becky Moloney
    (m) 0419 721830
    Email Becky

    Listed/updated: 26 Apr 2023

  • AUS 882 “Jukes of Hazzard”


    Top performing Corinthian Etchells

    Top Corinthian performer and the second last Pamcraft Etchells to be built. Maximum weight grandfathered keel and minimum weight hull, extremely stiff fast boat Podium finish 3rd overall (2nd Corinthian) in 2022 Victorian State Championships winning a race and 6th Overall ( 2nd Corinthian) in 2023 Victorian Championships also winning a race demonstrating boat speed to match it against the best. Winner of the Corinthian division in 2016 & 2017 Victorian State Championships whilst finishing 5th & 6th overall respectively. Finished 8th in 2019 State Championships. Top 20 finish in 2020 Australian Championships and 3rd Corinthian Division. Sits on the hardstand at RBYC and has been one of the top performing boats at RBYC over recent years.

    New Whale Spar Mast and Mast lever, Swivel Forestay and Spinnaker Pole in 2018. Deck was also professionally resprayed in 2018. Comes with Spare spinnaker pole and electric bilge pump. Excellent Regatta set of North Sails and separate club and training set of sails. Brand New Boat cover October 2020. Has new Spinnaker Sheets.

    Boat is on the hardstand at Royal Brighton Yacht Club and would be a great boat to enter the class and to sail the World Championships which will be at RBYC in January 2025. Perfect boat for Worlds at Brighton as it is well suited to the typical conditions of a seaway and afternoon seabreeze with its heavy keel.

    Brendon Jukes
    (m) 0422 541 511
    Email Brendon

    Listed/updated: 19 Apr 2023

  • AUS 1127

    Asking $12,500

    Pacesetter hull. Has many sail's including an as new Doyle Main and Jib. Bow ring frame. Smidmore rig with Brolgas, manual and electric pumps. Mast up cover. New cordage. New hardware. 1 regatta old main halyard made by Gardo. Spare fully rigged mast, spare boom and pole. Tandem road trailer. Hardstand trolley.

    On the Metung YC hardstand. Can deliver anywhere.

    (m)  0488 055 462

    Listed/updated: 13 Apr 2023

  • AUS 864 Gen XY


    Pacesetter hull Grandfathered keel. Ring Frame. Bolger’s. Adjustable Forestay. 2 x sets of sails from 2018 / 2019 season. Beach Trolley. Registered Road Trailer.

    Located at RQYS

    Matthew Chew
    (m)  0438 786 335
    Email Matt

    Listed/updated: 11 Apr 2023

  • AUS 1274 VIKING

    $8,000 ONO

    2003 Etchell International Pacesetter for sale. Light grey in colour. Brand new main (never used) with additional near new sails all off site in storage. Yacht situated at Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Victoria, on its own cradle. Must sell.

    (m)  0407 781 144

    Listed/updated: 6 Feb 2023

  • AUS 1382

    $45,000 neg

    “1382” is a 2010 Ontario, kept in good racing condition. The boat has been successfully raced locally and Internationally. Little sailed for the last 5 years, comes with a smaller console allowing for a 3 or 4 person crew, with the fitout having most recent innovations. The boat has plenty of sails in good/reasonable condition. “1382” has been well maintained and kept under a “quality cover” at Royal Freshwater Bay Sailing Club in W.A.

    A proven performer in Perth ready for the 2024 Worlds.

    Peter Chappell
    (m)  0419 965 295
    Email Peter

    Listed/updated: 2 Feb 2023

  • AUS 1237 Black Knight

    $7,500 neg

    Great boat, well loved and priced to sell. Electric bilge pump, new forestay, new backstay, brolgas, backstay and mast ram all in one system, inhaul/outhaul jib cars, VHF radio. All running rigging renewed. Centre consul rebuilt in 2021. New spinnaker pole 2021. Near new GT and MAL jibs. Near new Main - one regatta old. Plenty of sails and spares.

    Well maintained and ready to race. Lying at Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

    Stuart Bloom
    (m)  0417 761 350
    Email Stuart

    Listed/updated: 19 Dec 2022

  • AUS 1024 Voodoo Spirit


    Excellent Bashford boat, well fitted out, whalesparmast, mast ram. Elect bilge pump etc, extensive robe of north sails, new full boat cover. Hardstand trolley. This boat is well maintained and in ready to race order. Located RGYC.

    Guyon Wilson
    (m)  0412 205 427
    Email Guyon

    Listed/updated: 14 Nov 2022


  • Jibs Doyle USA

    $1,000 each

    LMR and LMH radial jibs. Only used in 1 regatta and in very good condition. They are Light Medium and Medium Heavy job. New jibs are 3k, available for $1000 each.

    Grant Crowle
    (m)  0411 217 211
    Email Grant

    Listed/updated: 11 Sep 2023

  • Norths sails

    As per detail

    Mainsail – Norths - $50
    Genoa – Norths - $50
    Genoa- Norths - $50
    Genoa – Norths - $50
    Spinakker – Norths - $150

    Matt Whitnall
    (m)  0417 253 622
    Email Matt

    Listed/updated: 30 Aug 2023

Trailers, parts, accessories

  • Used Mast for Sale

    Asking Price - $2,700

    Good Condition. Melbourne, Victoria.

    Ideal spare mast or perhaps you are looking for an upgrade from a damaged, soft, kinked or bent mast. This original 20-year-old Smidmore/Pacesetter mast. In good condition, no kinks, no bends, no breaks, very stiff. Fully functional and used in racing as recently as the January 2023 Nationals in Adelaide.

    Mast includes:

    • Mast lever bracket installed on mast, including ‘mast aft’ line elegantly secured and fitted to the bottom section of the mast
    • Mainsail Halyard and locking mechanism installed, and fully functioning. All other halyards/topping lift etc. are moused.
    • Spreader arms (as new, including recent repairs to end sections where the shrouds rub)
    • Windex fitting clip at top of mast
    • Self tapped screw holes in mast for your Tactick Compass bracket.
    • Full set of rigging including Brolgas on inners and outers. Forestay including adjustable above deck swivel fitting and sub deck forestay assembly. Rigging wires about 7 years old. Backstay is as new, 2 years old.
    • All rigging in great condition. Brolgas serviced regularly and include spare ball bearings and spare wave pins.

    The mast is located in Melbourne, currently on the hard stand at RBYC. Take it home with you after the Victorian State Titles :-)

    Peter Stubbings
    (m)  0414 548 870
    Email Peter

    Listed/updated: 2 Mar 2023

  • Spinnaker Box


    Ontario Spinnaker Box - fibreglass (originally starboard side)

    Simon Cunnington
    (m)  0411 649 280
    Email Simon

    Listed/updated: 14 Nov 2022

  • Wanted to buy

    • Etchells Trailer


      Wanted - Etchells Trailer with cradles in serviceable condition.

      Richie Allen
      (p)  +852 9033 5833
      Email Richie

      Listed/updated: 5 Sep 2023

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