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  • New Mould 12 Etchells


    New Mould 12 Etchells - orders are being taken now to have your new boat ready for the Perth Worlds March 2024 and the Melbourne Worlds January 2025.

    For your new boat contact Mark Rowed from Innovation Concepts

    For spars and rigging contact John Denton at Whale Spars

    Mark Rowed
    (m)  0408 022 282
    Email Mark

    Listed/updated: 23 Oct 2023

  • V for Vendetta - AUS 1079


    Pacesetter 1997 has produced competitive results at state and national championships in recent years. Including Australian Nationals Championships held at Metung in 2022 with race results: 6th, 4th, 12th, 5th, 14th, 13th, 14th in a fleet of 27 Etchells.

    Replaced halyards, forestay and backstay, jib, main and spinnaker sheets and boat cover in past season. Includes ‘dog’ mast ram, and various north sails in wardrobe.

    Road trailer available. Trailer has had brakes, rims, wheels, tyres, tow ball hitch and mud guards replaced with very little use since.

    James Bacon
    (m) 0431 733 779
    Email James

    Listed/updated: 12 June 2024

  • AUS 1144 Just 2 Funny

    $14,000 neg

    AUS 1144 Just 2 Funny is now for sale! With Numerous Major regattas in the past where the boat performed against the best! New Smidmore Mast for the 2018 Worlds, plus 6 year old spare Smidmore mast, which just needs stays. Boat in excellent condition with all the latest mod Cons, Auto Bilge, Whalespar Ram, Smidmore side chocks & new adjustable forestay, Ring Frame, Spin box, Richie sheets. Good regatta sails most bought for the Brisbane Worlds, and the boat has only done a handful of regattas since and a couple of harbour races. which include Radial LM2H Jib PCA, main and Runner spinnaker, VMG and LM2 Jib. Plus heaps of good club sails possibly 4-5 sets in total. Heavy Duty Dual Axle trailer with large sail box and Stainless-steel dolly.

    Situated at RANSA ready to race. Photos and boat survey from last insurance renewal available on request.

    David Pescud
    (m) 0418 971 145
    Email David

    Listed/updated: 30 May 2024

  • AUS 1346 Etchycoo Park


    Sailed in Brisbane fleet for past 4 years. (lightly). Lightly sailed new caps and brolgas, new Jib and main halyards, mainsheet and kite sheet. New lines under caddie, jib Hammock, full deck cover, rudder cover. Mainsail North PCFM 3 seasons good condition. Headsails GT & MAL 2 seasons. Kites 2 norths 2 seasons, 1 Doyle 2016 all good condition. Cat 7 safety. Yard dolly. Mast lifter will have trailer post shortly.

    Road Trailer - Tracer copy 4 years old with independent rubber suspension, dual axles, smart rims and tyres from Nissan Navara only 6k old. Sailbox full length. Electric brakes on all wheels. New hydraulic wheel jack etc.

    Cameron Pryce
    (m)  0427 327 189
    Email Cameron

    Listed/updated: 2 May 2024

  • AUS 1286 – Froth (ex Entourage, Emotional Hooligan)


    2004 Pacesetter, Smidmore mast, Whalespar boom, Mast lever, Electric and manual bilge pumps, Above deck forestay swivel, Dyneema backstay pennant, Ring frame, ‘Sly’ tiller, Brolgas , Spinnaker box. Full cover plus rudder and regatta covers, Mainsheet block (double), Cat 7 Safety gear, Tiller extensions (1 x carbon, 1 x battle stick). New jib, spinnaker and main halyards with full set of spares, New jib sheets, Crane lifting straps

    One set Peter McNeil working sails (Main and 2 x jibs recut for inhauling). Two full sets Doyle sails (Two mains, four jibs and four spinnakers.

    On hardstand trolley at Gosford Sailing Club

    Geoff Dilworth
    (m) 0414 631 280
    Email Geoff

    Listed/updated: 1 May 2024

  • AUS 1268 Shindig

    $12,000 ono

    2003 Pacesetter. Plenty of Doyle sails including (3 AP-2 mains (1 x regatta, 1 x club racing, 1 x training), mix of Doyle jibs (DCH,MHL,NLM) + 2 Runners & 1 VMG) plus brand new (unused) Norths VMG 2023. Whale Spar Mast and two booms, fitted out with adjustable forestay, mast ram, brolgas, electric pump (new battery), 3 reelers, transverse (Doggy) jib tracks, spin box and jib hammock.

    On the hard stand in Sydney at RSYS.

    Paul Grundy
    (m) 0400 226 411
    Email Paul

    Listed/updated: 30 Apr 2024

  • AUS 1267

    $17,500 ONO

    Build date 2002 Peticrow build (Heritage) in the UK. Clean and stiff hull. Well maintained with all new systems and ropes through 2022/23 Lightly used since 2020 due to COVID etc. Well maintained / stored on dock trolley / with cover. New set of sails bought through 2022 / 23. All additions you would expect, adjustable forestay, brolgas, electric pump (new battery), 2 reelers, in board sheeting, 2 spinnaker poles, spin box and jib hammock, dock cover, plus regatta cover Ready to go.

    On hard stand at CYCA.

    James Arnold
    (m) 0410 461 019
    Email James

    Listed/updated: 17 Apr 2024

  • Dolly


    Completely refurbished with double front wheels, new tyres, axles etc. Painted black. At Gosford sailing club

    Rob Landis
    (m) 0414 741 725
    Email Rob

    Listed/updated: 17 Apr 2024

  • AUS 1011


    Bashford boat, very well maintained by present owner, with many recent upgrades:

    - all new lines & control lines, front ring frame fitted, transverse (Doggy) jib tracks, new main traveller, recent Whalespar rig/ mast, boom & spinnaker pole, electric bilge pump, mast ram, North sails with latest GT & MAL jibs, boat cover.

    Boat performs well & has won many races including the Overall Season Aggregate - The Wayne Dixon Trophy.

    Ian Crisp
    (m) 0412 051 199
    Email Ian

    Listed/updated: 17 Apr 2024

  • AUS 1400

    $ negotiable

    In outstanding condition. Just done Perth Worlds and ready for Melbourne. Great inventory, trailer, jinker, boxes, spares, etc.

    Price negotiable as well as transport. Lease can be an option.

    Chris Pratt
    (m) 0412 367 332
    Email Chris

    Listed/updated: 16 Apr 2024

  • AUS 849 – Chaos Theory


    1990 Pamcraft Etchells in excellent condition. Well campaigned club and regatta boat. Grandfathered keel at max weight, manual bilge pump, electric bilge pump with solar charge system, bow ring frame, standard jib sheeting system, mast ram, all sheets, halyards and control lines in good condition; mast lifter, full yard cover, boom tent regatta cover and all safety gear. Comes with full set of Regatta sails and 2 sets of Club racing sails (7 kites, 9 jibs, and 3 mains), spare mast, boom and spin poles and all the space parts. Includes the hard stand dolly and dual axle road trailer.

    Boat at RQYS Manly QLD.

    Tony Di Betta
    (m) 0401 605 110
    Email Tony

    Listed/updated: 16 Apr 2024

  • "War Baby" AUS 1512 (formerly GBR1512)

    $170,000 (Offers invited)

    Price Reduction $170,000. Brand new, ready to put in the water and race. Competed in the world champs, Cowes UK, September 2022. This is the boats only time in the water.

    Build completion date: 8 September 2022
    Builder: David Heritage Racing Yachts
    Measurement Certificate and Measurement Form documents available to purchaser.
    Minimum weight: Approx. 2,000 - 2,500

    Located in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia. Boat arrived in Australia February 2023 and has been stored enclosed and undercover since. Has not been used.

    Complete new set of North Sails, never used – September 2023
    - PC-FM Radial Head Mainsail
    - Custom Jib
    - MAL Jib
    - FR-2 Spinnaker
    - VMG-3-SL Spinnaker
    - Brand new Etchells Skirted Deck Cover -Sunbrella Yacht Acrylic

    Trailer available if required.

    Kim McKendrick
    (m)  0417 315 966

    Listed/updated: 16 Apr 2024

  • AUS 1359, Built 2007 launched 2013


    Race ready, very handy for Australian based Worlds in Fremantle and Melbourne

    3 Main sails (1 x regatta, 1 x club racing, 1 x training), 4 GM6.5 jibs (1 x regatta, 1 x club racing, 2 x training), 5 LM2L jibs (1 x regatta, 3 x club racing, 1 x training), 2 Full radial spinnakers (1 x regatta, 1 x club racing), 2 VMG spinnakers (1 x regatta, 1 x club racing). All North Sails.

    North Cover, Jinker, Double axle road trailer, 2022 whale Spar boom, Ontario mast, Mast ram, Manual + electric bilge pumps, Tacktick compass, Audit equipment items, New jib and kite sheets, All in good condition and working well.

    Ready to view at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, WA

    Harry Coulson
    (m)  0413 715 259
    Email Harry

    Listed/updated: 16 Apr 2024

  • AUS 1442

    $ POA

    2016 Pacesetter M11 (not modified). Boat is in excellent condition, unused since Brisbane worlds.

    Whale Spar mast. Plenty of sails (North). Double axle tracer trailer (registered to Aug ‘24) with 3 boxes. All of the other extras you would expect ie compass, mast ram etc.

    David Edwards
    (m)  0408 022 282
    Email David

    Listed/updated: 16 Apr 2024

  • AUS 832 – Animal House


    1990 Pamcraft in excellent condition. Well campaigned regatta boat with some great results. 2018/19 Australian Corinthian Champion boat. Grandfathered keel at max weight, resprayed hull, electric bilge pump, bow ring frame, in/out jib sheeting system, mast ram, full travel cover, boom tent regatta cover etc, Animal House is a very competitive boat.

    Comes with multiple regatta sails and spare parts. Licensed dual axle road trailer ready for the next event. Sitting near Mooloolaba.

    Dirk van der Struyf
    (m) 0413 581 989
    Email Dirk

    Listed/updated: 26 Mar 2024

  • AUS 890 Menace XI


    Champion Bashford boat commissioned and optimised by Denis Connor. Multiple heat winner 2012 Etchell Worlds and dual Victorian Champion. This boat has had very little use and could still compete with the best! Large selection of sails and new full boat cover still in the box.

    Located Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

    Nick Chapman
    (m) 0412 767 750
    Email Nick

    Listed/updated: 18 Mar 2024

  • AUS 342


    Complete professional refurbishment of hull and deck to as new condition. All new fittings and rope works/bow frame/recessed traveller/electric bilge pump/mast ram/Sly jib tracks/new collar/new floor boards/new tiller/Smidmore mast/new boom/new pole/fraculator setup/ new full cover/Doyle Main/new north jibs/new north spinnakers. $50k spent on project over the years.

    Simon Smith
    (m) 0412 500 424
    Email Simon

    Listed/updated: 8 Mar 2024

  • AUS 1142 Barracuda


    Pacesetter built in 2000. Bolt in floor and recessed traveller upgrades to meet class rules. Brolgas; ring frame; auto water pump; Palfrey ram; all sheets, halyards and control lines in good condition; mast lifter; Seldon and Smidmore (spare) masts (2); adjustable forestay turnbuckle. The boat is in excellent condition.

    Located at RFBYC (WA)

    Bruce Maloney
    (m) 0418 949 208
    Email Bruce

    Listed/updated: 21 Feb 2024

  • AUS948 Smile n Wave


    Bashford boat in very good condition and fast boat. Various sets of sails including set of North Sails that has had little use. Mast ram and bilge pump.

    Located in Mornington.

    Cameron McKenzie
    (m) 0416 776 569
    Email Cam

    Listed/updated: 19 Feb 2024


Trailers, parts, accessories

  • Used Mast for Sale

    POA Negotiable

    Good Condition. Melbourne, Victoria.

    Ideal spare mast or perhaps you are looking for an upgrade from a damaged, soft, kinked or bent mast. This original 20-year-old Smidmore/Pacesetter mast. In good condition, no kinks, no bends, no breaks, very stiff. Fully functional and used in racing as recently as the January 2023 Nationals in Adelaide.

    Mast includes:

    • Mast lever bracket installed on mast, including ‘mast aft’ line elegantly secured and fitted to the bottom section of the mast
    • Mainsail Halyard and locking mechanism installed, and fully functioning. All other halyards/topping lift etc. are moused.
    • Spreader arms (as new, including recent repairs to end sections where the shrouds rub)
    • Windex fitting clip at top of mast
    • Self tapped screw holes in mast for your Tactick Compass bracket.
    • Full set of rigging including Brolgas on inners and outers. Forestay including adjustable above deck swivel fitting and sub deck forestay assembly. Rigging wires about 7 years old. Backstay is as new, 2 years old.
    • All rigging in great condition. Brolgas serviced regularly and include spare ball bearings and spare wave pins.

    The mast is located in Melbourne, currently on the hard stand at RBYC. Take it home with you after the Victorian State Titles :-)

    Peter Stubbings
    (m)  0414 548 870
    Email Peter

    Listed/updated: 16 Apr 2024

  • Whalespar Etchells mast

    $8,000 ono

    New 2019. Never stepped - spare mast. All tangs, gooseneck, spreaders, exit boxes, spinnaker track and bull ring, caps/lower shrouds/forestay/backstay, etc. Sydney.

    David Dunn
    (m) 0414 600 631
    Email David

    Listed/updated: 12 Feb 2024

  • Wanted to buy

    • Sails


      Looking for a new or in regatta condition North GM and LM2L jib.

      Brendon Jukes
      (m) 0422 541 511
      Email Brendon

      Listed/updated: 30 Apr 2024

    • Sails


      North GT gybe or Doyle equivalent

      John Greeve
      (m)  0437 802 856
      Email John

      Listed/updated: 14 Mar 2024

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