IECAA Newsletter - Etchells Fleet News

IECAA Newsletter - Etchells Fleet News

Message from President Martin Hill

Martin Hill I have just returned from Cowes, and although our results were not to our expectations, the experience of sailing in the Solent and the hospitality of RYS made it a most memorable time for our team. I am pleased to report that several M11 yachts will have elected to undertake the trial modifications, as per the IGC and World Sailing protocol, and will compete in the upcoming Adelaide Nationals. I am also grateful to have International Measurer Bill Abbott visit the Innovation Composites factory at Nowra back in September, giving his stamp of approval for the M11 modifications, and inspect the condition of plug number 2, which had just arrived from Canada. This review will enable the class builder to build mould 12 very soon and get the boat building back and running in Australia. All this should put us in an excellent position for the two Australian World Championships; Perth in March 2024 and Melbourne in 2025.

I look forward to seeing many of you back on the water for the upcoming season events.

Next week, Queensland States!

There's still time to enter! 14-16 October at RQYS.

2022/2023 Australian Etchells Championship, ENTRIES NOW OPEN!

Enter now for the Nationals in Adelaide

The Adelaide Fleet is hosting the 2022/2023 Australian Etchells Championship at the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia. Situated at North Haven, the course area will be the same as recent Adelaide Australian Championship run by RSAYS. The championship will be held from Saturday 7th January 2023 to Thursday 12th January 2023 with up to 10 races. The Club is home to Adelaide’s most progressive keelboat fleet with a solid on water race management by Malcolm Hughes.

Join us in Adelaide for the first summer Australian Championship in 3 years!

2024 and 2025 World Championships

After extensive consultation, the timing of the 2024 Etchells World Championship has been moved to March 2024. This timing will provide better forecast weather conditions and allow more boats to participate. This will be followed by the Melbourne Worlds in January 2025. More details on both regattas will be provided by their organising committees over the next couple of months.

Winter Series 2023

2023 will be an exciting winter on the east coast, with a series of winter regattas. Below is the program.

  • 13-14 May 2023 - Waterloo Cup, RQYS
  • 27-18 May 2023 - Gold Coast Championship, SYC
  • 9-11 June 2023 - Australasian Championship, MYC
  • 24-25 June 2023 - Coffs Harbour Championship, CHYC
  • 22-23 July 2023 - Mick Hole Regatta (OD), RPAYC

More details will be provided closer to the time, but in the meantime lock in these dates!

Time to renew your Class Association memberships & IGC elections

The Member's page is now open for new subscriptions as well as renewals. Log into the Members Area. It would be great if you could all renew now instead of waiting for the first regatta. The vote for international governors will be held in November (which happens every two years at this time). Only current Owner members are eligible to vote. This means you need to be a current member for the 2022/23 membership year - ie. If you joined in the last membership year but have not yet renewed by 10 November, you will not be eligible to vote.

You will be sent a ballot on 10 November, listing all nominees, and will be given until 10 December to cast your vote. Australia has nominated four candidates - Martin Hill, Mike Tyquin, Michael Bellingham and Jan Muysken. Your support for the Australian nominees will help ensure that Australia has a strong voice at the international table.

M11 protocol of modifications & M12

Three M11's have already been successfully modified with another six boats in the queue. It will be great to see them back on the water for the Adelaide Nationals and further Etchells Regattas throughout the season. The float test performed at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron during September demonstrated that LWL for the modified M11's is in line with rest of the Etchells Fleet as predicted by the CFD.

After a long sea voyage from Canada, plug number 2 has arrived at Nowra, ready for mould 12 to be built.

Etchells plug in the Nowra factory
Etchells plug at the Nowra factory

Class Measurers

Shaun Ritson, the Australian Etchells Class Measurer, along with Colin Spence from WA and Rob Landis from the NSW Central Coast all got to spend quality time with Bill Abbot at the Innovation Composites factory in Nowra measuring a number of Etchells and the plug for mould 12. Also, Paul Minter from Cronulla, had the opportunity to work alongside Bill Abbot at Cowes measuring in competitors for the Worlds. By the end of this year, we will have three new class measurers who are currently on track to be accredited to join Shaun Ritson as members of our national class measurement team.

New IECAA Constitution

The new updated IECAA Constitution is now published in the member's area, you'll need to log in, then see Association Info in the right menu.

Australian Etchells Foundation

An Australian Sport Foundation Project has been set up to enable tax deductible donations to further the class. International Etchells Association of Australia - Australian Sports Foundation (

  • The purpose of the project is development of the Etchells Class in Australia, Developing and supporting the growth of Etchells Fleets, Scheduling and Promotion of Etchells Regattas, High Performance coaching and training, Supporting and Sponsoring Youth Teams, Replacement of Sails and Equipment, Remediation and certification of Etchells Yachts.
  • The trustees for the Foundation are the Etchells Executive.
  • There will be random annual audits of a sample of Foundations commissioned by the ASF to ensure the disbursement are in accordance with their objectives and within the ATO guidelines.
  • Specific donations made by individuals cannot be recycled back to themselves, family members or business associates, but must be for the greater good of the class.
  • There will be annual reporting by the Trustees on the funds raised, disbursements and balance available. This will be provided to future AGM meetings, along with reporting of the usual Financial Statements.

Fleet Captains meetings

There is a fleet captains meeting every two months. The next one is 11 October, so do let your Fleet Captain know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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