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Perth: A World

7 November 2019 Luke Paterson

Fleet racing in the Indian Ocean

"Fleet racing in the Indian Ocean"

Photo by:
Perth Sailing Photography

The Etchells Swan River fleet has a busy 2019/20 season planned, with a varied program that is built around fun, quality sailing, and preparations for the Etchells Worlds in November 2020.

‘Worlds Workout’

With the 2020 Worlds just over 12 months away, the WA fleet put together a ‘Worlds Workout’ program off Fremantle. This program, which involves an intense schedule during October and November 2019, was seen as critical to improving the fleet’s skills on the Worlds racetrack.

In particular, the five-week program comprises Fremantle Sailing Club’s ‘Sail Freo’ regatta, some intense windward leeward racing, a weekend training camp with Noel Drennan and our annual Syd Corser Regatta. So far the fleet has enjoyed some great racing on the Indian Ocean, with more great sailing to come. If you’re interested, check out the program here. (

After the Worlds Workout, the fleet will return to the Swan River to compete in usual club racing, including the inaugural ‘Rob Bird Series’.

We’ll finish off the season with the WA State Championships in March 2020.

Youth team

Like other Etchells fleets around Australia, the WA fleet continues its support and promotion of youth teams.

The WA Fleet had two youth teams competing in our most recent ‘Sail Freo’ regatta and Mark Whittington’s team of under 30’s managed a podium finish. These teams are talented young sailors and their competitive presence in our fleet wouldn’t happen without the generous support of owners, yacht clubs and other sponsors supporting their campaigns. With this ongoing support, we’re aiming to one or two youth teams competing in the 2020 worlds at Fremantle.

2020 Worlds

Those of you that are familiar with the conditions of Fremantle know it provides some of the world’s best sailing conditions. With steady breeze, blues skies, clean water and a start line only 500m sail from the marina, we believe we are in a great position to deliver a memorable worlds.

Planning for the Worlds is well advanced. All of the information you need is available on the 2020 Etchells Worlds Website, but if you need further information about the Worlds please get in touch with the Worlds team.

As we move toward the 2020 Worlds, we look forward to a great couple of years in the West, leveraging off the strong foundations laid by our previous fleet captains. It’s very exciting to see the dominance of Australian boats at the recent worlds in USA, and we sincerely hope that the national fleet is a strong as ever at the Worlds in November 2020. We’re looking forward to hosting you all.

Luke Paterson

Swan River Fleet

Coming home with the Doctor

"Coming home with the Doctor"

Photo by:
Perth Sailing Photography


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