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Time to ensure the money is in!

7 November 2019 David Healey

Treasurer report

"Treasurer report"


We are now well and truly into a new season. Membership renewals have been slow with only 97 Owners and 89 Associates renewing as of November 1. I encourage those that have not done so as yet to renew their memberships as soon as possible. Fleet Captains should be checking the website and following up with their fleet members.

Membership Register Boat Details

Members have the opportunity to nominate a boat(s) to be attached to their membership record. This can be done at membership renewal, or at any time during the year by logging into your membership record.

I would urge all Owners to make sure that they at least nominate their main boat, and keep this record up to date, especially when a boat has been disposed of. This record is passed on to the International Association, and is used in determining how many boats belong to an individual Fleet at any point in time and, hence, the validity of a Fleet’s status. This status affects the ability of a Fleet being able to nominate boats for World Championships, as well as attend Etchells meetings.

Multiple boats can be nominated, but will only be counted towards Fleet numbers once an additional membership fee has been paid. This has to be done manually by contacting the Treasurer.

David Healey

IECCA Treasurer

IECA Governor and Treasurer


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