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Melbourne: More boats on the water!

26 August 2018 Peter Coleman

Nothing like Port Phillip weather

"Nothing like Port Phillip weather"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Lets start with the type of news everyone wants to hear...

We have four more Etchells joining our fleet for the next season! This is fantastic, and it should mean we have close to 20 boats racing every Saturday.

March 2018 saw the Melbourne Fleet host the Victorian Titles at RBYC, which was won by Team Tom King. As always, the whole Melbourne fleet once again really came together as a group, and the effort everyone put in to make these Victorian Titles the best ever was tremendous...WELL DONE.

Planning is well underway for the 2020 Australian Titles being held at Royal Brighton Yacht Club, in conjunction with the Melbourne Etchells Fleet.

The State titles are again being held at Royal Brighton Yacht Club in March 2020.

Our club racing numbers are good, with three more boats joining the fleet at the very end of the season.

Winners of the Melbourne Fleet 2017/18 series were as follows;

  • Martin Scott - 1st Should’a Gone Left, 2nd Pedro, 3rd That’s Life
  • George Wyeth - 1st Dawn Raid, 2nd That’s Life, 3rd Men’s Shirts
  • Spooks Franklin - 1st Men’s Shirts, 2nd That’s Life, 3rd Should’a Gone Left
  • Dave Lawrance XMAS Series - 1st That’s Life, 2nd Jukes of Hazzard, 3rd Should‘a Gone Left
  • Frank Hall - 1st Tango, 2nd Should ’a Gone Left, 3rd That’s Life
  • Port Phillip Championship - 1st Dawn Raid, 2nd Tango, 3rd That’s Life
  • Footloose - 1st Tango, 2nd Should’a Gone Left, 3rd Mens Shirts
  • Autumn Series - 1st should’ a Gone Left, 2nd Tango, 3rd Jukes of Hazzard
  • May Series - 1st Dawn Raid, 2nd Should‘a Gone Left, 3rd Walk on Water
  • Wayne Dixon Season Aggregate - 1st Should’a Gone Left Wayne, 2nd That’s Life, 3rd Jukes of Hazzard.
  • Please note that we had 16 Etchells compete in the season aggregate!

Yet again, we must all thank Niesje and Glenn for keeping it all together for us, and RBYC for running our racing and providing us with the best Etchells racing venue in the world.

Also let us not forget the wonderful volunteers who give us their time and effort to run our races for us all…

So overall, the Melbourne fleet is looking good.

On a final note Melbourne fleet has 11 teams heading to the 2018 Brisbane Worlds, led by our very own two-time World Champion in Etchells, and Americas Cup Winner, John Bertrand. Great sailing and good luck to all competitors.

Peter Coleman
Melbourne Fleet Captain


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