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Change delivers opportunity

26 August 2018 John Curnow

10 years ago on Sydney Harbour

"10 years ago on Sydney Harbour"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

I have been fortunate enough now to be around the Etchells Class for over ten years. Like anything where the time just seems to vaporise, it has to have been good. And it has. Really good. There has been enjoyment and learning, so what more could you ask for? Nothing...

Well done to all the Executive that I have worked with over that time. I have enjoyed your input, company and action when asked for. No doubt the reason that Etchells is the One Design Class of all classes both stems from the whole fleet up, as well as from the top down. A marvellous Esprit de Corps...

Indeed it is now a new era, with new challenges in a number of areas, so alas this juncture is the time for sailors to firmly take control of these very elements, and jump onto the Executive, as well as the Board. The Class has been around for a while, and that is solely at the hands of the many who served so graciously along the way. You name names here, and you are bound to miss someone, so I won’t.

Everyone is busy. Sometimes I wonder how we did it to ourselves, but there you have it. Funny how you always make time, especially when help is required, and this too is yet another Etchells hallmark. All of us also contribute gratis to many things, but if it wasn’t worthwhile, then no one would do anything, and there would not even be the opportunity to be writing this, or reading it in your case.

I do look forward to speaking with those that do make the next leap up, so for now, here endeth the lesson.

Tacking. Actually, it is somewhat of a crash tack, actually. Unless you have a large rock, and you built a shelter under it ages ago with plenty of provisions, then you will know that the World Championship in Brisbane is looming large like the lights from the massive cargo ship on the horizon as it bears down on you.

A quick reminder that entries close on September 14, so run forward and make it so. It looks like over 80 boats will be at RQ, which is terrific in light of the numbers that have shown up to recent Etchells Worlds, and it certainly does make a statement about the Class overall. Well done to those who have made the commitment to be there.

Trying to work out who will reign supreme is a job I would not even begin to work on, but it is so interesting to learn so much about the kinds of crews coming to what really is going to be bigger than Ben Hur. Now Cecil B DeMille obviously cannot be there to make an epic, but alas, this is exactly what we are referring to.

Boats have already begun to arrive, the competition will be hot, hot, hot, and the gang will look after everyone in their typical manner. What I love about it is that you have crews coming from the UK and USA, amongst other locales, and one, Les Freak sont chic, is competing in their third in a row! That is a mark of serious commitment.

When you also get to learn how crews came to be, and their motivations for attending, you get an insight into the joys of sailing. So yes, on the water is going to go off...

Rock on,
John Curnow


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