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The Destiny of our Class

26 August 2018 David Ritchard

Class news

"Class news"

Our International and National Associations, as well as our Fleets, conduct business via the committees that constitute their governance.

Internationally, the IECA is managed by the International Governors Committee (IGC). The measurement matters are managed via the One Design and Technical Committee (ODTC).

In Australia, our National body is managed by the Executive Committee, which in accordance with our constitution consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and a Treasurer.

As a member of the IGC and the Australian Executive, I see the work that goes into both these bodies. I express my deepest thanks to participants for their productive contribution.

We are leading up to the biennial election of Governors. 1 October 2018 is the date at which nominations for positions must be received, and this is a most important hallmark.

There are three classes of Governors; Elected, Appointed and Co-opted.

Elected and Appointed Governors may only serve three successive terms of twenty-four months.

Presently, Australia enjoys a commanding position on the IGC, filling six of the ten elected positions on that body. Our Fleet membership allows Australia to notify one Appointed Governor. These positions have a vote on the IGC.

As a Co-opted Governor (Treasurer) I do not have a vote.

Regrettably, one of our members, David Clark, cannot stand for Election or Appointment, but I am sure he will be co-opted to continue his valuable work on ODTC.

One of our elected members has indicated he will not be going forward, and I also will not be going forward.

All of this means that we have some vital positions to fill!

The Australian Executive is looking for a Secretary, and as I will not be seeking re-election as President next year, additional members are sought.

Yes, undertaking these roles requires an application of time and attention. The joy and reward is that you can contribute to the destiny of our Association and contribute to the continuance of the best One Design fleet in the world bar none.

Please give positive consideration to coming on board. Talk to any member of the Executive. Contact details are on our site. Put yourself forward.

Don’t stand in aisle. Sit in the box seat and contribute to your and the Class’ future. Our destiny needs your input, and is in your hands.

David Ritchard
Australian President
Co-opted Governor, Treasurer
and Life Member IECA


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