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Changes to Appendix A

26 August 2018 David Ritchard

Class news

"Class news"

Subordinate to our Class Rules, Appendix A sets out the rules that govern World Championships, and whilst noted to govern other sanctioned events, in fact sets down the fundamental rules under which we race and conduct our regattas.

The International Governing Committee has recently made changes to Appendix A that are very far reaching, and in short, soften the requirements for the locked relationship between sail and hull card.

I commend to you to read Appendix A, which can be found at

Two important changes are:

World Champions, Life Members and the Chair of the IGC need not present for fleet qualification. These participants, along with skippers who qualify via a ‘Qualifying Event’, are free to elect which boat and sail card they use in a World Championship.

The use of hulls not attached to a sail card has now been liberalised, so that the sail card becomes the determinant. You are free to qualify in any registered hull including a chartered hull.

If a skipper who has qualified buys a new boat, he or she is free to use any hull in a world championship, however he must use the sail card under which they qualified.

If however, they have sold the boat used for qualification, on application to the IGC they can use the sail card and hull of his new boat, or indeed a chartered hull.

These comments are a synopsis of the changes. Please read the detail in the Appendix before you make an assumption of qualification. Most importantly, there are other amendments to this Appendix that are vital to participation.

If you are in any doubt please get in touch with Vice President David Clark at to seek clarification.

Appendix A


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