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12 February 2018 John Curnow

Class news

"Class news"

Straight into then, and it seems in the cyber world you can never, ever be too sceptical. At all!


Members advertising boats on the website are being contacted by scammers advising that they will buy the boat, but they are at some remote location, e.g. an oil drilling rig. They mention that they are organising freight, payment and collection. This is followed up by a range of encouraging emails, the last of which asks you, the seller, to pay an amount in sum of between $500 to $1000, usually to a freight or delivery expeditor. Of course you will be paid back. You won’t.

THIS IS A SCAM. Don’t pay and don’t stay in touch.

Secondly, after scouring our site for various addresses, particularly executive members of Fleets are being asked by David Ritchard as President to buy gift cards and send to the scammer the card transaction number. It is not David Ritchard asking it is a scam. Don’t act on it.

Please accept the Association’s apology for the waste of time these issues incur, but we are powerless to stop this. All suggestions appreciated.


Our favourite subject and with such an important year already well underway, we have some good things going on in what seems to be every part of the country. Here are some more to factor in.

Peter Coleman from the Melbourne Fleet reports that, “All is going well down here, with two, maybe three new boats to the fleet this year, and we’re only two weeks in!”

The Victorian State Championship is rapidly approaching, namely March 8-11, and PC says, “It’s gunna be a big one with the QLD Worlds later this year. Two previous World Champs are going to do battle, namely JB and Tom King, and also in there is the runner-up, GT. We also have one boat from HKG already here on the hardstand.”

This is certainly going to be one to watch, as too is Mooloolaba. Trevor Martin reports, “We’re all set to go, and just waiting on our major sponsor to agree to terms. All the usual band of Mooloolaba’s awesome volunteers will be there, and the Wilson Brothers are bookend in, so as to make it the atypical top notch event both on and off water.”

“We have four brand new, bigger and better restaurants and facilities now, and they are going to look after us in the usual Sunshine Coast fashion. The Dock has 52 beers on tap, so it is sure to please all.”

“We expect 50 to 60 boats, with numerous World Champions on the way, including Steve Benjamin who was made enquiries. So you will want to get in early as it will be capped at 60 boats, due to resource allocation issues. Competition is sure to be fierce with RQ Worlds soon to follow.”

This will be the 22nd running of the now world famous Australasian Championship, so lovingly known and adored by all. The same skipper has only won it twice in all that time, namely Matt Chew, and GT. Numerous world champions are still trying to nab their first one.

Registration is on June 7, with racing commencing on June 8 and concluding on June 10. No doubt a full set of races in the wonderful and oft changing conditions off the beach at Mooloolaba will keep you focused on that, as well as your terrific views from every angle of course.

Full details here -


This is our second favourite subject, and with very good reason, too. Access to both equipment and tutelage by the Pittwater Fleet sees this development continue to push forward, and results are sure to follow.

The Etchells youth program at the RPYAC is entering the next phase as the youth start understanding the level of challenge they face. Each team has access to an Etchells on a permanent basis, and have been training at different levels and frequencies.

All have commented that there is a lot more to sailing the boats then they expected. The crews have learned the basics, and we are now starting to provide more detailed training with Cam Miles conducting the first technical session on trim and tuning during our World Qualifiers weekend.

Rock on,
John Curnow


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