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State of play for the premier OD Class; Secretary/Treasurer Message

12 February 2018 David Healey

Class news

"Class news"

International Etchells Class Association of Australia Interim Financial Report, as at 29 January 2018. We are currently showing a profit of $30,685, with an obligation to pay approximately $31,000 to the International Association.

Roughly 79% of budgeted income for the year has been received - $71,960 against $91,575 budget. The comparison is as follows:

Income SourceActual IncomeActual # MembersBudgeted IncomeBudgeted # Members
Active Members$53,265201$66,250250
2nd Boats$2,0258$1,3255

As stated above, against this income, approximately $31,000 is owing to the International Association for Per Capita Fees. This will be paid in the next couple of months.

With the NSW and VIC State Championships still to come, along with the Australasian Championship in June, it is anticipated we could still achieve the budget.

The main expenditure to date has been on having our two new Measurers, Heath Walters and Rosetta Payne, appointed and accredited. This entailed sending them to New Zealand for a preliminary course as well as bringing the International Measurer, Bill Abbott, to Australia. Bringing Bill out had a dual purpose, which included sign off on the mould alterations. To date we have spent $11,915 out of a budgeted $16,000.

Other major expenditure which was not included in our original budget was for alterations to the mould to bring it in line with the new agreed garboard measurements and for hull alterations to the first five boats out of the new mould to bring them in to line with the altered mould. This cost so far had been $14,878 with one more boat to be updated.

Membership Statistics by Fleet are as follows:

 OwnerAssociateTotal MembershipNominated Boats
Gold Coast59145
Lake Macquarie56113
Swan River28679524
Budget 2017/2018250400650 
2016/2017 - Actual193316509126

It is important to note that the number of Nominated Boats could be greater than that shown above, as quite a few Owners have not nominated any boat. What also needs to be taken into account is the fact there are also quite a number of Co-Owners registered. Any duplication of sail numbers has been removed.

David Healey
Treasurer and Secretary


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