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Etchells Australian Championship - January 2018, Fremantle, WA

30 June 2017 Al Murchison

Etchells Australian Championships

"Etchells Australian Championships"

There is a Summer of Sailing to be had out West. The Etchells will have a Pre-Regatta on 16 – 17 December 2017, and then the Australian Championship is to be held from 9 – 12 January 2018.

Fremantle is renowned throughout the world for its superb sailing conditions, as well as a wonderful port city known for its maritime history, well-preserved 19th century architecture, and great restaurants.

The racecourse is 10 minutes sailing time from the regatta marina. The course will be situated between the mainland and some offshore islands, offering protection for superb sailing conditions in pristine protected waters. Western Australia’s famous ‘Fremantle Doctor’ provides consistent Sou’westers, making conditions predictable for fair sailing to both locals and visitors alike. Racing will also be available during morning Easterlies, to ensure competitors are tested with a variety of conditions. Come and check it out as part of your preparation for the 2020 World Championship.

Race days run from Tuesday 9 January through Friday 12 January, with a practice race on 6 January.

Shipping is easy, as RoRo is available from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, so there’s no need to pack containers, and the Western Australian fleet will collect your yacht in Fremantle ready for racing! We have negotiated return freight rates of:

Melbourne $8,560

Sydney $8,960

Brisbane $9,180

This is all inclusive of port charges and GST. You simply need to tow your boat to the dock. McPhee Freight will organise shipping, so please call 0458 221 626.

For more details on the 2018 Australian Etchells Championship and the 2020 Etchells World Championship visit:

We look forward to hosting you for an exciting summer of sailing. With the Queensland World Championships following closely in 2018, we are expecting this year’s national championship be a very competitive regatta, encouraging teams to fine-tune their preparation for the upcoming East Coast 2018 events.

Any questions contact Al Murchison on 0407 483 360, Martin Webster on 0409 097 071 or Andy Fethers on 0404 420 885

Al Murchison

Swan River Fleet


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