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Itís not hard!

30 June 2017 John Curnow

Thanks for watching!

"Thanks for watching!"

No it is not hard to watch the Etchells, particularly when it is of the calibre we are lucky to have here in Australia. Evidently, I am not the only one, for despite old seadog yarns about paint drying, and badminton attracting more coverage, we had a fantastic result at Mooloolaba. It is almost 24,000 views of videos we are talking about. The start of Race Seven has had the most minutes watched (741 or 12 hours and 21minutes), and it is the interview with Matt Chew that has had the most views, at over 1,500.

Now that means thank you to you. That’s not because you were the ones watching the live coverage, for a large proportion of you were the ones out there doing it, but for the fact that you had interested parties all over the place, and they watched, shared, and subsequently commented with vigour. So when you are seeing them, please thank them for us. We are very appreciative, and am delighted that they got into it all as much as we did. Equally, it needs to be reiterated that in the watching you learn so much, so again, thank you for all the insights gained.

Then in the very same breath, and just before going blue in the face, we need to say thank you to Trevor Martin, for it was his keen desire to take it all to new level that afforded us the opportunity to deliver the live interviews, crosses from the water, and the delayed telecast from ‘the bird’ (drone). Just on that, Trevor misplaced his Velocitek Shift compass on the Saturday. Please contact him if you happened to come across it or know of its whereabouts.

Also incredibly impressive is the way the fleet attract new participants. Not only are they coming for the only true and strict One Design racing there is, and the quality of sailor that this then attracts, but also for the spirit. For ages, we have been saying that this is a class that helps others, and is willing to share the steep steeps of the learning curve. More and more you get to see this as the new entrants attend regattas.

The additional benefit is that all those new sailors take the interest to a different and oh-so-much wider audience. At Mooloolaba, we had the youngest, Lincoln Fraser from New Zealand, and then those of several multiples of his fifteen years. That ended up being one of my favourite lines, so as to avoid unwanted whacks over the knuckles, but seriously, he was not the only teenager out there, with Mitch and Tiana also quickly coming to mind.

Of course, we have loads of female sailors, also spanning the spectrum, and the task they perform on board. So if sailing is a sport for life, the Australian Sailing should be very delighted with the Etchells, for it is absolutely demonstrating that, and so much more. Accordingly, cheers to all of you…

Rock on,

John Curnow


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