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Adelaide Comes Alive

22 October 2014 Andrew Waterman

Smashingly good times at Adelaide

"Smashingly good times at Adelaide"

The season has just got under way here, so still not a lot to report, other than to say the weather here is obviously milder than Sydney, with the coming Saturday being a balmy 30C and 15knots of breeze...

Well finally the AFL and NRL are finished, and both were a bit one sided. Which is not what you would say about an Etchells Nationals, well certainly not here in Adelaide this Summer.

The email traffic has been heating up with interest coming from all states and the reigning champion of Etchells Nationals in Adelaide, John Bertrand, will be here to defend his title.

Due to heavy demand for accommodation for the Tour Down Under cycling we have set aside some 30 rooms at The Lakes Resort Hotel at West Lakes, these rooms are being held until 30th November.

I would suggest you take advantage of this offer, and to best use this facility you must ring to make a reservation, it is held under the name of Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron with Group Reference number 100525.

Check out the hotel on The rooms are priced from $175.00 per night including breakfast.

If you're mulling over the thought of coming to Adelaide, my suggestion is, just do it, get down here and check out a great sailing venue. From marina to start line is about 4 kilometres with 8 to 10 metres of water depth and uninterrupted sea breezes usually starting at about 15 knots and finishing at 18 to 20 knots.

And once again the travel subsidy will be available to interstate competitors.

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Starting at the last nationals to be held in Adelaide

"Starting at the last nationals to be held in Adelaide"


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