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Travel Subsidy for the 2013 Australian Nationals

14 October 2012 David Ritchard

On the trailer. Drop the rig, put all your lights and markers on, then you're off to WA

"On the trailer. Drop the rig, put all your lights and markers on, then you're off to WA"

Photo by:
Phil Smidmore

To assist competitors travelling from the Eastern States and South Australia, your Committee has resolved to assist by providing a travelling subsidy totalling $7,500.

As members travel different distances, such as say from Brisbane compared to Adelaide, the subsidy will be apportioned across the participating members using the loading set out below.

The fund is a total commitment and is to be applied across the total number of members who are towing or transporting boats to and from the Australian Championships. It does not apply to members chartering boats in WA.

The following table is indicative of how the fund will be applied.

 Number of travelling membersKMSLoadingTravel subsidy by districtTravel subsidy per member

To participate in this scheme, please advise the Australian Secretary, David Healey, of your intention to travel and indicate your departing city as well as your boat details, no later than December 15, 2012. Make sure you include your bank details (Account name, BSB, Account number), so that the funds may be credited to you prior to your departure.

We hope to continue this scheme into the future, so that all members are encouraged to travel to and compete in each of the National Championships.


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