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A big Summer

5 April 2011 John Curnow

Noel Drennan and crew of Peter Merrington and Ben Morrison-Jack win the Victorian State Championship

"Noel Drennan and crew of Peter Merrington and Ben Morrison-Jack win the Victorian State Championship"

Photo by:
Nick McGuigan

Yes. If you've been looking at the publication dates, you'll note that this one is a little behind schedule. It wasn't necessarily planned that way, but with the change of dates for next year's big events, it seemed prudent to hold it all over.

Of course, that meant we had the very latest on the new boats. You can access Phil's report on it all elsewhere in this eLetter.

Well done to all crews at the many events that have been run in recent times and of course, congratulations to those who got the Silverware. There have been some very interesting weather patterns in the last few months, so to conquer them, is in itself a marvellous achievement for organisers and sailors alike!

Please continue to provide us with your information and stories, so that we can get the good word out to all and sundry. Our regular contributors deserve many thanks for making the effort and we are here to assist you take some results, tales and happenings from the club and bar to the greater clan.

Finally, many thanks to all of you have spoken with me at various regattas in recent times. It's been great to see some of you again and also, meet others for the first time.

John Curnow


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