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Welcome to Silly Season

10 December 2010 John Curnow

A while ago the new mould started to take shape. Now it's all faired and soon there'll be boats.

"A while ago the new mould started to take shape. Now it's all faired and soon there'll be boats."

And welcome to what has now turned out to be the Christmas Newsletter, too.

Many thanks to all our regular contributors and a call, once more, to all of our fleets to send in your stories. They do not have to be fully fleshed. Just some bullets and hopefully a snap and voila, a story is born!

Naturally it is great that the new boats are progressing too, so I am sure Phil's report will be quickly devoured. The Nationals are coming, as if you did not know, so all the best to competitors and if you have signed on for that or the pre-Nats regatta, read Tim Clarks piece for all the good oil there.

Talking of titles, I got a chance to chat with James Ware recently and he said to me, "The Barry boys are really excited about sailing the National titles in Geelong. Once again, John Bertrand will be the boat to beat I'd say. However as per usual, anyone one of ten boats could win it, including Peter McNeil, Alastair Gare and David Clark. Corio Bay is a great place to sail, but it can be tricky. You can bet it won't be over until the last leg of the last race."

One last quick note out of all that is that the Melbourne fleet has been running their world qualifiers, with the Barry boys, Damien King, Simon Cunnington, James Ware and Andy Butler in the lead. Not too many surprises in the top three, with Jake Gunther second and brother Stephen in third, but it is great to see Michael Hiatt in fourth, showing that he is really dedicated to the Etchells task and super keen to make San Diego. Tim Ede and Chris Hampton rounded out the top six looking to make the journey across the pond. Given Port Phillip sailors' dominance in Ireland this year, this could well be a tour de force...

Merry Christmas and great sailing in 2011 - keep the information rolling in.
John Curnow.

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Michael Hiatt is keen to get to San Diego.

"Michael Hiatt is keen to get to San Diego."

Photo by:
John Curnow


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