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Geelong: All set for the Nationals

10 December 2010 Tim Clark

The expanse of the inner harbour on Corio Bay. RGYC and now Geelongs newest and best eateries stretch along the shore.

"The expanse of the inner harbour on Corio Bay. RGYC and now Geelongs newest and best eateries stretch along the shore."

The Geelong Fleet is extremely excited to announce that Rex Gorell Prestige have joined as the naming rights sponsor for the 2011 Australian Etchells Championships.

Rex Gorell Prestige will be joined by supporting sponsors, PowerDrive Marine and Vicsail Geelong. PowerDrive have Geelong's best range of boating bits and pieces, as well as being the best boat builders and repairers in town. For those that find the racing a bit tough in January, Mal and Yasmin at Vicsail will happily find you something cruisier from their extensive range of powerboats and yachts. I'm not sure that they accept Etchells as trade-ins, however...

Fine weather has been ordered for the second week of January, so there is no excuse not to hit the Nationals site with your credit card in hand and enter the event.

The site is full of info about the event and you can also check who's already entered. If your name is there but your mates' and/or nemesis' names aren't, then perhaps suggest to them that it should be.

What started out as a simple training weekend snowballed quickly into the Geelong Pre-Nats Regatta. In the spirit of the training idea, sails will not be checked for the event, allowing competitors two days of tuning to find the ideal setup for Corio Bay. Carbon, square-top mains and Code Zeros may be pushing the limits of sportsmanship though. Entries are limited to 25 visiting boats due to space restrictions, but those who do compete may keep their boats at RGYC at no extra charge until the main event. Entries once again on the Nationals page as above or go to for direct access.

See you on the waters of Corio Bay.

Tim Clark
Geelong Fleet Captain

Enter the 2011 Etchells Nationals now.

Will AUS 511 be present at Geelong?

"Will AUS 511 be present at Geelong?"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,


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