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One, Three and Five in Ireland

14 September 2010 John Curnow

Well done to 'the young fella', as Dog calls him.

"Well done to 'the young fella', as Dog calls him."

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Image by Cathy Vercoe

As an Australian, I was overwhelming proud of our fellow countrymen and their results in Ireland. First, third and fifth at World Championship level demonstrably illustrates just how good Australian sailing is. It's little wonder then, that there are always so many Aussies throughout AC and VOR campaigns along with the Olympics results.

Knowing only a little of what it must take to achieve these sorts of accomplishments, I have also been deeply inspired. To have nine crews from a fleet in the 40's shows that perhaps I am not the only one who sees what Australia can do.

Furthermore, it also serves as a reminder as to why watching Etchells is so exciting. For it is here that some of the greatest names in the sport are out amongst large fleets, where traffic congestion is as real an issue, as it is in a big city.

To me, it's a little like HQ racing. The cars may not be the fastest, nor display the absolute latest in technology, but the achievable budgets, strict one design nature and adherence to those very rules, means the racing is always close, enjoyable and believable. In this age, the latter is in itself, is a hugely redeeming feature.

Equally, those very names have been on or near countless leaderboards of the last few years. I guess, when it is all distilled down, what I'm getting at is simply that it has taken many years to become the sensations that they all are.

James Ware just said to me recently that, "... you ply your craft, sail all the vessels you do and train relentlessly." For that reason alone it is so marvellous to see so many Aussie sailors, get so many wonderful results and I hope you get the accolades you deserve. With that in mind, it is really awesome that Tom Slingsby has just gone and got himself a birthday present with the Laser Worlds title and similarly, Andrew Palfrey now has the 5.5 mantle (along with Flavio Marazzi and Christof Wilke).

Finally then, thank you to everyone for their contributions and gentle reminders to others to get their pieces in for the newsletter. At this point, special mention must go to Graham Smith in Ireland. Without all the material, it would have been very hard. So. Happy reading... (and sailing).

Action at the 5.5 Worlds on wonderful Lake Garda

"Action at the 5.5 Worlds on wonderful Lake Garda"

Photo by:
Roberto Vuilleumier


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