Championship League

Championship League Event 2 Results

21 May 2021 Author: Niesje Hees
Sydney sailing

 Sydney sailing
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In January we published results for Event 1 of the Championship League. We now have results for Event 2, giving us combined results to-date. It has been tremendously encouraging to see that over 100 boats competed in one or both events.

The results algorithm takes account of the quality of the competition in your fleet (based on previous results in State championships) as well as the number of professionals on board.

You'll see that the top ten results have representation from 6 different fleets, the top seven are Corinthian teams and a Youth Team is leading overall.

Cumulative Results after Event 2

Even if your fleet (or some boats in your fleet) didn't participate, we encourage you to send in results for Event 3. Your fleet just has to decide on which races from your fleet racing to include (sailed between 1 March 2021 and 31 May 2021).

As a reminder of how it works...

All fleets across Australia compete against each other in a series of three "Events".

Each Event is a series of races (any number, as nominated by your fleet) sailed between the nominated dates, with Event 3 sailed before 31 May.

We will publish final cumulative results in June 2021. After this we will conduct a review inviting suggestions for improvement for next year.