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1332 "TOP 40" $47,000 ONO Updated: 17-Jun-2019
Listed: 17-Jun-2019
Here is an Opportunity to get a seriously quick boat and move to the front of the fleet at a fraction of a the cost of a new boat. Top 40 has been On the Podium (or very close) at nearly every regatta on the East Coast in the last 4 years, as well as winning numerous heats at World, National and state Championships. The boat is a highly Sought after HERITAGE built boat which was professionally project managed by Dave Howlett during the build. The Hull is Stiff strong and Fair. Billy Merrington and Ian McKillop have kept the boat highly maintained with the latest speed and smarts and she’s a turn-key operation to go regatta sailing at the highest level. In addition we shall offer support by way of sailing session or equivalent to help get the boat to the settings we’ve used to attain our results. INCLUSIONS are as follows. New Smidmore mast (at Brisbane worlds), Brolgas, Deck Adjustable forestay, Mast ram, Halyard reelers, Spare Boom, electric pump, all safety gear. SAIL INVENTORY :Near new North sails, 1 Regatta Set, 2 good level club sets. Total sails: 3 mains, 6 jibs, 4 spinnakers. Also included is a Double Axle electric braked trailer with long Sail box and tool boxes and all the straps mast stands etc you need to get on the road. Boat Located Royal Sydney Hardstand. Peter Merrington
(m)  0424 331 358
AUS 885 $25,000 Updated: 12-Jun-2019
Listed: 12-Jun-2019
This Thing Of Ours, 1992 Bashford Boat Max Depth/Weight Keel. Completely refurbished 2017 Everything except the boat is new 2017. Latest deck layout, was used as the base boat for AUS 1446 “Our Thing” Whalespar Rig new 2017. Mint condition, Norths all over cover, Pile of sails, you decide what you want to take. Road Trailer and or Hard Stand Trolley. You tell me what you want with it. Base Price $25k with two sets of regatta grade sails. Located Brisbane. David Turton
(m)  0412 551 594
AUS925 Lisa (Ex-Iron Lotus) $23,000 Updated: 26-May-2019
Listed: 26-May-2019
Formerly "Iron Lotus" - 2012 World Champion winner (Sydney).1992 Bashford built - complete hull/deck refit and respray 2011. Fitout updated to current trends including mast gate lever/ram. Whalespar mast new 2016. Full deck and skirt boat cover. Compass and safety gear. Sails- (Mostly North Sails) - huge inventory, too many sails to list, some near new. Currently lying at Royal Sydney YS, little use in the last few years. Julian Plante
(m)  0410 556 537
Ontario 1226 ex Baby Doll $29,000 negotiable Updated: 26-May-2019
Listed: 26-May-2019
For sale Ontario, previously owned by Noel Drennan "Baby Doll". Keel max aft, top quality fit out all in superb condition. Regatta ready with all the usual upgrades. North sail. Twin axle trailer, boxes, mast lowering device. Currently lying in Melbourne. Martin Webster
(m)  0409 097 071
AUS 890 SINISTER $13,500 offers Updated: 9-May-2019
Listed: 9-May-2019
Bashford hull originally named "Menace XI" and built for Dennis Connors. Sparcraft Rig added in 2015 season along with new standing rigging including Brolgas. Plenty of competitive sails plus a clear sail card. Full boat cover, forestay adjustable above deck, electric bilge pump, mast ram, marina sail box, new spin sheets, new main halyard, new kite halyard and spectra jib halyard added during the 2018 season. Boat is ready to go. Brett Bowden
(m)  0417 005 755
AUS 1334 $33,000 Updated: 24-Apr-2019
Listed: 24-Apr-2019
Smidmore hull and mast in excellent condition. Boat has only been lightly sailed since purchased in FEB2018. Before that it had done less than 50 races. New halyards, standing rigging, brolgas, mast lever, adjustable headstay, backstay, bilge pump, tacktic compass all in the last 12 months. 4 Jibs, 3 mains, 2 Kites ranging from club to 1 regatta old. Boat cover in reasonable condition. Located on hardstand in Geelong, VIC - can assist with delivery. Blake Robertson
(m)  0477885526
AUS 1337 Itchy $29,000 Updated: 24-Apr-2019
Listed: 24-Apr-2019
AUS 1337 Pacesetter 2008 in excellent condition. Upgrades include mast lever, electric pump, forestay turnbuckle, adjustable mast side chocks.A mix of North and Doyle sails. New Jud Smith Doyle AP2 Main, 2 North Runners, Doyle Jibs and plenty of club sails in good condition. Comes with trailer and is currently stored in Sydney (North Shore) Will Northam
(m)  0424 070 183
AUS1132 - Yarrawa $12,000 ONO Updated: 10-Apr-2019
Listed: 10-Apr-2019
AUS1132 - YARRAWA - Pacesetter 1999. 3rd in NSW state titles 1999/2000. Always competitive in Sydney harbour fleet. North MainsaIl, North light & heavy headsails, 3/4 oz north spinnaker, 1/2 oz Quantum VMG spinnaker. All in good condition, ready to use with many races left in them. Light headsail not as good but still competitive. New floorboards, compass, deck operated pumps both sides, all safety gear except anchor and VHF radio. Full length cover in good condition. All rigging works properly. 2 spinnaker poles, 1 very strong and lightweight spun tapered - Custom made by Goldspar. Mast, boom and all rigging in excellent condition. Brolgas uppers and lowers. Owned by me since 2000. This boat is in good condition and ready to race. Inspect on hardstand at RSYS by arrangement. Anthony Brown
(m)  0409 205 030
AUS 1118 $16,000 Updated: 27-May-2019
Listed: 8-Apr-2019
Pacesetter in excellent condition, polished and ready to race. In readiness for the worlds in 2018 the boat was completely over hauled and re roped, Whalespar mast refitted / serviced by Whalespar, new back stay, new swinging spreaders, above desk adjustable forestay, spin cleat on mast, new sheaves and halyards. New through deck backstay and turning blocks. New jib tack line through deck strop. Dual swivel main and fine tune. Bow ring frame, Whalespar mast leaver. SLY tiller arm. New Super sucker in bilge electric bilge pump and battery port side locker. Registered Heavy duty double axial trailer with two sail boxes, 2018, new wheel bearings, 5 tyres, LED Lights. Sails, 3 Jibs, Two mains, 3 spinnakers. Located at Gosford and currently occupies one of the sought after hard stand spots. Can assist in the delivery of the boat. George Johnstone
(m)  0408 214 888
AUS 1134 - DOT $19,000 ONO Updated: 8-Apr-2019
Listed: 8-Apr-2019
Very well maintained and constantly keep up to date. Recent Whalespar mast with all standing rigging replaced by Sydney Rigging. 2 near new sets of Doyle sails (one only 1 regatta) plus club sails. Near new quality Sunbrella boat cover (will last for years). Electric Pump, Mast ram, all the usual gear, ring frame, Tac Tic, safety gear etc. Lots of spares including brand new Spinnaker Sheets and new jib sheets, spare halyards, spare carbon tiller extension, spare tiller and loads more. On hard stand at RSYS. Very little use over last 2 years due to work and family commitments. David Seaton
(m)  0402 010 456
AUS1237 - Black Knight $20,000 Updated: 26-May-2019
Listed: 13-Feb-2019
2004 Pacesetter – fast boat, with maximum keel weight and depth, brolgas etc. Plenty of training and club sails. New Norths PCA Main, spinnaker and GM 6.5 (Only used for 2018 Vic states) New Tactic, new electric bilge pump and battery. New boat cover 2018.New spinnaker, main and jib sheets 2018. This boat is well presented and in great condition. She has seen more polish than water. Selling due to lack of time and crew. Sitting on the hardstand at RBYC. Stuart Bloom
(m)  0417 761 350
AUS1270 La Vie Dansante $19,000 Updated: 3-May-2019
Listed: 13-Feb-2019
A white hull with light grey deck in outstanding condition and regatta ready, always professionally maintained, this boat has been in storage for many years. Continually updated it includes brand new Whalespar mast and boom, above deck forestay swivel, forestay, boom vang, longer topping lift, mast ram lever, harken double exit main system, spin pole with trigger ends, brolga turnbuckles, full boat cover, tactic compass and VHF radio. It also includes bow ring installed, fibreglass tiller with flange, spinnaker launch box and all class rules and safety compliant equipment. Recently overhauled registered dual axle four wheel galvanized road trailer including storage box and holed down straps for additional $4,000. Sydney based. The boat is currently located at RSYS and is complete with current Cat 7 safety gear. Michael Nash
(m)  0432 029 350
875 Finesse, ex Whisper $12,000 Updated: 8-Apr-2019
Listed: 22-Jan-2019
Finesse is a well maintained, upgraded, grandfathered Bashford, with a good race history, with top ten results in the nationals and states. Finished 12th in worlds in 2001. Has the mast ram and electric pump upgrades. Comes with a good set of club racing Sails and training Sails. On the hard at RPYAC in Pittwater, But can be delivered anywhere between Melbourne and Brisbane. Bruce Ferguson
(m)  0439 822 240
AUS 891 Bandwagon $28,000 ono Updated: 24-Apr-2019
Listed: 8-Jan-2019
Champion Bashford boat - grandfathered max weight max aft deep keel. Previous Australian Champion and Mooloolaba Mid Winter Champion. Major refit 2 years ago including, new deck, max depth traveller recess and jib controls. Fit-out includes new Brolgas, standing rigging, elec pump, mast ram, FG spin box and FG tiller. C/W Road Trailer + Jinker, Mast Lifter + spare mast and standing and running rigging. Full set of North Regatta Sails (2017) plus about 3 sets of North racing sails available pending final price. Regatta ready, nothing to do for upcoming 2020 etchells worlds in Fremantle. Current location RFBYC Perth. Alistair Murchison
(m)  0407 483 360
AUS736 Wood Duck $4,000 Updated: 26-May-2019
Listed: 13-Dec-2018
1987 Pamcraft hull in good condition. It has a sound mast, boom and pole. It has an average sail wardrobe. Located at RSAYS. Can negotiate delivery. Email, txt or call for photos. Paul Henshall
(m)  0412 474 460
AUS 1385 - Emotional Rescue $32,000 ono Updated: 12-Jun-2019
Listed: 3-Dec-2018
Pacesetter in excellent condition. Max keel, Smidmore mast, new boom. Fully equipped with mast lever, electric pump, side chocks, tictac, forestay swivel and brolgas. 2018 North main and North FR spinn Worlds only. 2017 North LML and GM 6.5 jibs. Plenty of club racing Sails. Dual Axle TMC Road Trailer with 2 storage boxes. Boat cover. As new LM-2HR Jib, VMG Spinn and Yard Trolley extra if required. Boat located on hardstand RQYS ready for 2019 Nationals. Boat located on hardstand RQYS ready to race. Steve Girdis
(m)  0417 632 028
86 Pamcraft $8,000 Updated: 8-Apr-2019
Listed: 12-Nov-2018
All the hard work has been done. Hull professionally refared & sprayed. Full length keel with certificate & ring frame. New fibreglass tiller, Harken fittings & spinnaker box. Recent stiff Smidmore mast, boom & spinnaker pole. Bargain price for a great boat waiting for a new owner. Currently on hard stand at RBYC. Included: near new set of North sails & club sails. Malcolm Blom
(m)  0418 621 082
AUS 1144 $19,990 Updated: 12-Jun-2019
Listed: 12-Nov-2018
Reluctantly AUS 1144 is now for sale! Brand new Smidmore Mast for the Worlds, plus 5 year old spare Smidmore mast, which just needs stays. Boat in excellent condition with all the latest mod Cons, Auto Bilge, Whalespar Ram, Smidmore side chocks & new adjustable forestay, Ring Frame, Spin box, Velocitek Shift Compass. New Radial LM2H Jib used in 3 races. New PCA main and Runner spinnaker used in 2 regattas. 4 Regatta old VMG and LM2 Jib. Plus heaps of good club sails possibly 4 suites (16) in total. Heavy Duty Duel Axle trailer with large sail box and Stainless-steel dolly. Situated at RQYS ready to race. Trevor Martin
(m)  0400 818 777
AUS 923 - Racer X Offers Updated: 1-Apr-2019
Listed: 12-Nov-2018
Well known boat with great pedigree and proven race record. Up to date and ready to race after completing the 2018 worlds in Brisbane. Rarely raced in recent years due to overseas owners. Currently sitting in Brisbane on road trailer with boxes of sails and lots of extras including spare mast. Genuine expressions of interest and offers welcome. Greg Farrell
(p) +852 9720 6769
AUS 1165 $24,900 Updated: 1-Apr-2019
Listed: 18-Sep-2018
Well looked after 2000 Pacesetter. Includes all the latest, electric pump, adjustable forestay, spinnaker box, Cat 7 Safety equipment, Tac Tic Compass, registered trailer with 3 boxes plus a yard trolley. Plenty of sails including a brand new LM2H. Located at Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast. Ben Leigh-Smith
(m)  0491 200 213
Pacesetter AUS 1117 Best reasonable offer Updated: 12-Jun-2019
Listed: 31-Jul-2017
Quick boat in immaculate condition. 3rd in Mooloolaba Worlds, won a WA state heat 2014/15. Very stiff Smidmore mast, new boom, recently re roped, mastram fitted. Has two glass spi boxes, many spares. Boats on a twice Nullarbor proven h/duty road-trailer, licensed, electric brakes so can deliver anywhere in Aust. Has large front gear box and 2 metal sail boxes on 5 new tyres. Solid mast brackets. Well built jinker has 2 metal ladders. Strong mast raising pole and tackle. Tactic compass. Sails and full boat cover ex Vince Brun North sails San Diego from “spiral design”. PC+ full main, pc-f flat water main, full radial spi and vmg spi, lm2 270 and lm2h 300 jibs. All little used top condition. Doyle nz dcm 6.5 and dch7.2 jibs. Doyle Aust main 260gm/m2, jibs270 & 280 gm/m2 spi runner and phillips spi runner. Regretfully for sale. Ian Anderson
(m)  0412 541 866
AUS 1218 SUPERHEAT $12,000 Updated: 26-May-2019
Listed: 7-Jun-2017
2001 Pacesetter hull in very good condition. Includes new mast ram, off set plate for pump (not electric), 1x spinnaker box, adjustable stays, 3 suits of North sails. Mast, boom and kite pole in good condition. Located at RSAYS. Can negotiate delivery. Email, txt or call for photos. Paul Henshall
(m)  0412 474 460