BOATS - For Sale

AUS 1278 $30,000 Updated: 29-Nov-2022
Listed: 29-Nov-2022
Ontario Hull, ( ex pagasus) recently completed a full deck fitout with inhaul systems and retrievals, new dual pump, Alinson Adjustable above deck forestay, Mast Ram, Electric Pump (Lithium Battery), Radio and up to date/compliant Safety Equipment (Cat7). Vakaros compass.
New proctor mast with all new rigging. Upgraded boom. Spare forspar mast. Spin pole.
Full travel covers. New handstand cover. Regatta cover. Mast covers.
2 x new pc+ San Diego made north main. 1 x new tkr radial main. 2 x new Lm2l jib. 1 x used Lm2h jib. 2 x new gm6.5 jib. 1 x new tkr jib. 1 x new lm-6r jib. 3 x new vmg kite. 3 x new runner kite.
Boat comes with single axle trailer,electric brakes, 2new tyres with one new spair, 2 fibreglass sail boxes. (reg till 23).
Boat is Located at RQYS. Boat has a successful history.
Grant Hudson
(m)  0434 141 246
AUS 1024 Voodoo Spirit $15,000 Updated: 14-Nov-2022
Listed: 14-Nov-2022
Excellent Bashford boat, well fitted out, whalesparmast, mast ram. Elect bilge pump etc, extensive robe of north sails, new full boat cover. Hardstand trolley. This boat is well maintained and in ready to race order. Located RGYC Guyon Wilson
(m)  0412 205 427
AUS 1162 $6,000 Updated: 13-Oct-2022
Listed: 13-Oct-2022
2000 Pacesetter hull in excellent condition. Boat has all the gear necessary for racing incl bow ringframe, brolgas, manual and electric bilge pumps, high rise tiller and fibreglass kite box, safety gear, fenders, new North full boat cover, and ticktick compass. The boat has an array of sails inc 7 jibs, 3 mains and 4 kites. The boat was raced competitively at all levels till 2015 and has been dry stored since. Boat is currently on the hardstand again at RBYC. Dick Stephens
(m)  0428 951 894
AUS1129 Swordsman $13,000 ONO Updated: 21-Nov-2022
Listed: 10-Oct-2022
Quick Bashford boat. Great hull and keel. Race ready. 2022 refit, boat and new mast/rigging, fully commissioned. New Adjustable forestay, leaver, inboard sheeting, electric bilge pump and bow ring. Boat fully detailed and ready for competitive racing. Great trailer, serviced,well maintained - Dual axle registered. Sails- Main, Headsails and Spinnakers. Measurement Certificate. Peter Bellingham
(m)  0427 161 138
AUS 731 $7,000 ONO Updated: 14-Sep-2022
Listed: 14-Sep-2022
One design Etchells class sailing yacht 9.7m long. Good condition suitable for Club racing and day sailing. Includes: Launching trailer, 3 year old Whalespar mast, Mast lever, inboard sheeting, Full wardrobe of sails and spares, Measurement and registration certificates. Located Southport, Gold Coast QLD Greg Forgan-Smith
(m)  0409 390 408
AUS1088 - SUNTZU $17,000 Updated: 5-Sep-2022
Listed: 5-Sep-2022
SUNTZU (Formally NSW state champion SteamPacket). Quick boat, current Gosford point score and club championship winner. Regatta standard boat with whalespar mast (new running rigging 2021), adjustable forstay, leaver, inboard sheeting, recessed main traveller, Tictack, electric bridge pump. Jib hammock, Fully boat cover. Boat detailed, roped and ready for the season. Dual axle registered trailer with 3 sail boxes. Regatta and club sails. Located in the Gosford area. Great boat looking for a new home. George Johnstone
(m)  0408 214 888
Magic Carpet AUS1290 $19,000 Updated: 17-Oct-2022
Listed: 14-Jun-2022
Excellent Pacesetter Hull that has been well maintained. New Whalespar mast and rigging fitted in December 2020 which has been lightly used. New spinnaker pole from 2022. Mast ram, adjustable forestay and inboard sheeting setup. A great range of North sails, new MAL jib from 2021 season, 2 GMs, 2 PCA mains, 2 bi-radial spinnakers and 1 VMG spinnaker. Full North Sails deck cover. Located on the hardstand at the RSYS in Sydney. Sale due to children’s sporting commitments meaning the boat does not get the use it deserves. Marc Wait
(m)  0400 046 372