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Brisbane: All set for Brisbane on and off the water

14 February 2017 Noel Paterson

The States in 2010

"The States in 2010"

Photo by:
Kylie Wilson,

Well here we are halfway through the current season, and now two weeks into the second half. The RQYS 16/17 season runs through to the Easter break, so we have nine weeks of racing left of the Summer racing calendar.

Although the on water numbers have been down a little, Brisbane Fleet now boasts thirty two RQ boats, plus two permanent international visitors, Greg Farrell from Hong Kong with, Racer X, and Lincoln Fraser from NZL in, The Usual Suspects. The fleet also continues to grow, with William Voerman in John Bertrand’s immediate past boat, Triad, as our latest inductee. William has made an immediate impact, and has not been off the podium since splashing his new boat.

The ‘Brisbane Fleet Championship’ will be held on the 18th and 19th February, which is a move away from the traditional long weekend in May calendar position. The regatta will now be held in a six race, two-day format, and this has already proved successful, with twenty plus boats expected to make it to the start line. This is an improvement on the numbers from last year, and reflects the tendency to move to shorter regattas.

Brisbane Fleet does not intend to run any off-season winter regattas in ’17, due to the poor support for those run in the past two off seasons.

The 2018 World’s Steering Committee continues to move forward to put in place a firm foundation on which to conduct an awesome event for competitors. We are now eighteen months out, and although not micro-managing at this stage, we have made significant progress in the past months to solidify our thinking on critical issues. This will be a great World Championship, so don’t miss it.

The recent widening of the RQ Etchells hardstand has be well accepted by the fleet, as it is now much more user friendly to move boats in and out, without the crashing of bows of the past. The addition of a permanent outdoor work bench is also on the drawing board, so what’s next? A six-star wine bar with eatery behind the hardstand? Perhaps……Hmmm!

Noel Paterson
Brisbane Etchells Fleet Captain


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