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A careful reminder for all owners

14 February 2017 David Healey

Maintain the power of the class by ensuring all boats are registered

"Maintain the power of the class by ensuring all boats are registered"

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Kylie Wilson,

When renewing your membership this year quite a few of you failed to nominate your boat details. i.e. sail number and name. It is extremely important that you rectify this as soon as possible, and also make sure that you do this annually when renewing your membership.

There are two major reasons that this should be done:

  • 1. With no boat nominated, your membership will not be counted when determining the number of boats in a fleet. This has two impacts:

    A: To retain fleet status, a fleet must maintain a minimum of five registered boats. If you don’t nominate a boat then your membership does not count;

    B: The registered fleet size will directly impact the number of members that can qualify for a World Championship.
  • 2. Australia is entitled to nominate a further two Governors over and above those elected by ballot, provided we maintain a minimum of ten active fleets. Last year we officially only had nine active fleets, which meant that we could only appoint one additional Governor this year.

David Healey
International Etchells Association of Australia
International Governor


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