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AUS 1275 "TREKKA" $27,500 NEG Updated: 9-Aug-2017
Listed: 9-Aug-2017
2003 Pacesetter, in excellent condition and ready to race. Comes with registered dual axle Tracer road trailer (with gear/sail boxes, electric brakes & spare tyre). New Smidmore mast (September 2015), full complement of racing & training sails (by Norths, Quantum & Peter McNeill), Quantum Jib Hammock, Fraculator with Wichard clip and cockpit remote release system, two part alloy mast lift pole (backstay, shrouds, 3:1 block system - Fabricated 2013 to engineered design). AUS 1275 comes with full inventory of inclusions (available upon request) including 2 full boat covers (Norths & Antill), Norths rudder cover, Brolga turnbuckles, bow ring frame, tactic compass, spinnaker box, adjustable forestay, composite tiller etc. Currently being stored in Terry Hills NSW and is race ready for the next Nationals and 2020 Worlds. Troy Cortis
(p) 0414 444 200
Pacesetter AUS 1117 Best reasonable offer Updated: 31-Jul-2017
Listed: 31-Jul-2017
Quick boat in immaculate condition. 3rd in Mooloolaba Worlds, won a WA state heat 2014/15. Very stiff Smidmore mast, new boom, recently re roped, mastram fitted. Has two glass spi boxes, many spares. Boats on a twice Nullarbor proven h/duty road-trailer, licensed, electric brakes so can deliver anywhere in Aust. Has large front gear box and 2 metal sail boxes on 5 new tyres. Solid mast brackets. Well built jinker has 2 metal ladders. Strong mast raising pole and tackle. Tactic compass. Sails and full boat cover ex Vince Brun North sails San Diego from ďspiral designĒ. PC+ full main, pc-f flat water main, full radial spi and vmg spi, lm2 270 and lm2h 300 jibs. All little used top condition. Doyle nz dcm 6.5 and dch7.2 jibs. Doyle Aust main 260gm/m2, jibs270 & 280 gm/m2 spi runner and phillips spi runner. Regretfully for sale. Ian Anderson
(m)  0412 541 866
AUS 1026 $30,000 Updated: 17-Jul-2017
Listed: 17-Jul-2017
One of the last Bashford's ever built and in fantastic condition. Purchased from Noel Drennan so itís fully set up to get you at the front of the fleet. Hasnít been sailed for three years and been stored indoors through that time. Plenty of sails, a spare mast and twin aisle road trailer in great condition. Chris Dare
(m)  0411 512 333
1347 $40,000 Updated: 17-Jul-2017
Listed: 17-Jul-2017
Successfully campaigned boat with the best of everything. Smidmore hull and mast, velocitek compass, new set of Doyle sails, near new set of north sails, club sails, mast leaver, electric pump, road trailer, full hull travel covers, deck covers, Box of spares. Boat is turn key and perfect for 2018 Brisbane worlds. Grant Hudson
(m)  0434 141 246
AUS 1336 $22,500 ONO Updated: 21-Jun-2017
Listed: 21-Jun-2017
Built 2006. Excellent condition. Mast by Smidmore new in 2010. All the usual Etchells fittings that you would expect including ring frame, Brolga turnbuckles, Tacktick digital compass. A mixture of sails of both regatta standard, and others for club racing. Comes complete with all over cover and three wheel hardstand trolley. Located Lake Macquarie Yacht Club. Robert Griffits
(m)  0419 014 341
AUS 338 DOMASA $7,500 Updated: 21-Jun-2017
Listed: 21-Jun-2017
- RQYS Brisbane Etchells Great Parking Spot for your boat - suitable for serious racer
- 2017 (June delivered) totally new galvanized trailer double front wheel worth $4000
- 2014 Brolga rigging - not sailed much
- 2014 Main Sail Northsail - hardly sailed
- 2014 Axial jib Northsail - hardly sailed - not many around
- Spare boom
- Outdoor engine bracket (free bonus) stainless steel for stinky boat
- Spare old mast plus >10 off mains and jibs
- 2 old spinnakers
Peter Cziel
(m)  0466 665 538
AUS 1218 SUPERHEAT $15,000 Updated: 7-Jun-2017
Listed: 7-Jun-2017
Kept in very good condition, includes a Smidmore mast, Bow Ring frame, Mast lever fitted, tactic compass, Spinnaker box, 3 suits of North sails (one suit only 6 races). Full boat cover. Vessel is on a 3 wheel pneumatic yard trailer. Standing at RSAYS Adelaide. David Henshall
(m)  0408 693 464
AUS 1255 $38,000 Updated: 29-May-2017
Listed: 29-May-2017
Very good condition on tralier. New nth sails. Chris Matthews
(p) 0418 444 842
AUS 1357 $32,000 Updated: 29-May-2017
Listed: 29-May-2017
This is a 2006 Pacesetter, in great condition and ready to race, 1357 is an excellent opportunity to acquire a professionally maintained, well equipped boat that can compete at the pointy end of the fleet. North boat cover, rudder cover, Brolga turnbuckles, adjustable forestay, bow ring frame, tactic compass, spinnaker box, composite tiller. Two full set of Norths Sails are in club condition. Professionally engineered, dismantlable and galvanised yard trolley/jinker. Plus dual axle trailer with electric brakes, two full length equipment boxes, spares box and spare tyre. 1357 is located at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht and ready to go for Nationals in 2018 and the 2020 World's. Marino Evangelisti
(m)  409348512
AUS 1362 $48,000 ono Updated: 9-Aug-2017
Listed: 27-Apr-2017
2007 Ontario with USA sparcraft mast (new 2012) North sails full regatta set plus club, Electric pump, mast leaver, road trailer. Douglas McGain
(m)  0408 215 275
Adam Magpie 1187 $26,500 Updated: 3-Jul-2017
Listed: 21-Mar-2017
Adam Magpie 1187 is for sale 2nd Lymington worlds2002. Euro champion 2004. Perth worlds 3rd NSW state champs 3rd twice. This boat has been sailed succefully sailed by GT and Mothy since Sydney worlds. Fully upgraded with mast ram electric pump brolga fittings and road trailer. If you want a fast Etchells $26,500 contact Steve mothy Jarvin Steve Jarvin
(m)  0418 253 730
Dragon Lady AUS 1150 $19,000 Updated: 3-Jul-2017
Listed: 6-Jan-2017
Bill Steele's Perth based 2000 Pacesetter with full current race set up and very well maintained for regatta sailing. Ideal for a serious competitor. Electric bilge pump, mast ram, Brolga turnbuckles, adjustable forestay, fitted bow ring and Tactic compass. Extensive suite of sails mostly from Jud Smith at Doyle(USA) including: mainsails - 3 x Doyle (US), 1 x North PC; jibs Ė Doyle (US) 1 x DCL, 2 x DCM, 1 x NLM, 2 x DCH; and spinnakers Ė Doyle (US) AP (Cross Cut), AP (Full Radial), AP (Bi-radial), Doyle (NZ) Cross Cut, North FR. Some sails have done only one World Championship regatta. $19,000 price includes a hardstand trolley and boat cover and is presently on the hardstand at Royal Perth Yacht Club. Contact Chris Hardy or Bill Steele Bill Steele
(m)  0439 467 567
AUS 1158 "New Wave" $15,000 Updated: 29-May-2017
Listed: 1-Dec-2015
Thatís right $15,000 we are very keen to sell it, whoever buy's this will get the deal of the lifetime! This boat is in incredible condition for the price it had so much money spent on it for the worlds whoever buys it is getting an incredible amount of value for their money. Kitted with a full range of north sails a dc thatís hardly been touched, sail comp, etc, everything you need to race. PS. Itís also had its bow stiffened and comes with a yard trolley if you want it. So if you want to get into Etchells for cheap but you want a good boat here it is. Peter La Fontaine
(m)  0419 324 798